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14 interesting essay topics for students about art

Art is something most of us love and as a result, people have different ways of appreciating art to say the least. But this aside in as far reality in art is concerned; art is something that is also studied in schools across the world. It could be in high school, college or University but what matters at the end of the day is whether you have grasped certain concepts about art of not. This way, you can either be in a position to research on art and possible write an essay on it in such a way that it comes out scholarly. For most students however, writing comes with its own challenges with the most common one being creativity. Here, the question is; are you capable of coming up with very interesting academic paper topics on which you can base your story? Further, which aspect of art do you want to write on?

Well, some would want to write about the history of art, others would be looking into how an essay that focuses on the beauty of art would be while others will want to speak of art as a culture. In all cases, it all begins with a topic and this brings me to the gist of this post. Are you able to come up with a good topic on art and most importantly, something interesting? Take a look below for a few interesting topics on art you can write on;

  • A look at music as a art and how it helps shape opinions about teenage characters
  • A qualitative study on how music influences people mentally and emotionally?
  • A closer look into how music influences the abuse and use of hard drugs
  • A study on how music as an art affect people‚Äôs way of expression
  • The important of fine arts in modern day literature
  • A comparative paper on Roman and Greece art structures in terms of aesthetics
  • Design as a form of art expression. A study paper on graphic design and how it preserves art and craft
  • A comparative paper on theatre arts and soap operas
  • Do nude arts promote pervasion?

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