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Topics for argumentative essays

The basic wants of any argumentative story include that the writer gets a topic, declares a stand, and provides sufficient evidence in both logical and factual sense to support the claims provided.

How to get a good argumentative topic

Particular interest in your topic of choice should be a priority. Students should choose a topic that will keep them focused and motivated through writing as one can easily get bored because most of the topics have been covered before. Some background information on the topic of choice should keep things interesting as well, to continue researching even further.

The chosen argument does not necessarily have to be the one that the writer agrees with and neither does the chosen subject. However, doing research using the opposing view will generally help to broaden the perspectives of the writer. And using websites that will write essays for you can boost your writing experience to a higher level.

Argumentative story ideas

Researching through several different options is at times the perfect way to get the best ideas. Does the writer enjoy the idea or topic being researched? Is it possible to see another person’s different opinions through your position in the argument? Does the topic stimulate your thinking and logical reasoning? Through answering some of these questions a writer can determine whether the chosen topic will be interesting to work on or not. It is never too late to change depending on the requirements of the essay. If the timeline is still far one can easily change the topic of discussion into what is suitable and interesting to them.

Here are some argumentative essays that can be explored by interested candidates even though the vast majority of them are controversial.

  1. Are the payments of CEOs a lot?
  2. Should recycling be made a requirement for everyone?
  3. Should the English language be officiated in the United States?
  4. Should the age of drinking be decreased or increased?
  5. Are behavior problems attributed to violent video games?
  6. Should the use of biofuels be made necessary for the racing industry?
  7. Compared to how it was years ago, is the behavior of children becoming better or worse?
  8. Is the payment made to professional athletes and actors too much?
  9. Should smoking cigarettes be banned?
  10. Is there a throwaway society with us currently?
  11. Should the government have the ability to regulate our diets?
  12. Can our process of election be said to be fair?
  13. Can the death penalty be considered effective?
  14. Is there a fair system of tax?
  15. Are people too reliant on computers?
  16. Do humans contribute to climate change globally?
  17. Should animals be encompassed in research?
  18. Should cellphones be considered dangerous?
  19. Is condom access helping to prevent teen pregnancies?
  20. Should children be marketed by companies?
  21. Should public schools have creationism in their curriculum?
  22. Are beauty pageants said to be exploitative?

With any of these topics, any student should identify an area that interests him/her and proceed to write the essay, providing logical evidence for their position in the argument.

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